Doctor Who Themed Restaurant May Or May Not Be Bigger On The Inside

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

The PandoricaTheme restaurants are a tricky affair. Base your eatery on a popular movie or television show, and you run the risk of becoming dated in rather short order. There are some you could get away with, movies like Star Wars and shows like Star Trek have sticking power and aren’t going away any time soon (there’s a coffee house in Seattle that started out with a Firefly specific theme, but gradually expanded to incorporate a wider, general sci-fi vibe). Another on this list is Doctor Who. With 50 years in the bag, it shows no signs of slowing down, and one New York restaurant called The Pandorica took this idea and ran with it.

Situated in Beacon, New York, north of New York City, The Pandorica not only features food items (including “faux fish fingers”) inspired by the Time Lord and his five plus decades of adventures, but they’ve also incorporated various elements from the series into their décor and design, and even the appearance of the menus themselves.

Apparently the restaurant has been around for some time (I couldn’t find exactly how long), though it got an extensive facelift earlier this summer, and is open for lunch, dinner, and drinks. This seems like it would be an awesome place to have a few cocktails and get into some super deep nerdy conversations with your like-minded, tipsy fellows. Let’s hope that everyone is levelheaded enough not to engage in fisticuffs when the debate over who is the best Doctor gets heated. But if you’re going to punch someone over anything, it might as well be in defense of your favorite Time Lord.

The PandoricaAnd if you have a few too many and need to relieve yourself, fear not, the bathroom door is painted to look like the TARDIS. On busy nights, when there’s a line, you may hope that it really is bigger on the inside. Also, the phrase “Public Call Box” has an entirely different connotation in these circumstances.

The PandoricaSome of the décor in the restaurant is pretty obvious and in your face…

The Pandorica
The Pandorica…while some is less obtrusive, and if you weren’t familiar with Doctor Who, you might not even notice. You’d likely pick up on the definite theme, but if you wandered in unknowing and unaware, you might just think this is a quirky little place and the owner has a thing for call boxes. I’ve certainly seen stranger things.

The PandoricaLike I said, the menu is also Who-inspired, on the outside…

The Pandorica
The Pandorica…as well as on the inside.

All in all, The Pandorica sounds like a damn fine establishment. Someone in or near Beacon needs to take excursion there and let us know all about it.

And if you can’t get to New York, and are jonesing for a fix, don’t worry, season 8 of Doctor Who returns to the airwaves exactly a week from today, on August 23.