Doctor Who, Stars Wars And Trek, And The X-Files Raid The Comics Shelves: This Week In Science Fiction

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

DoctorIt’s a bit of a slow week for science fiction when it comes to movie theaters and TV airwaves. But there’s one medium that is positively chockablock with sci-fi goodness this week, and that’s the world of comic books. Are you a fan of Doctor Who still talking about the announcement of Peter Capaldi as the twelfth Doctor? Check out the final issue of IDW’s year-long Who series. Each issue has focused on a different Doctor, and it all wraps up with a story involving Matt Smith’s Eleven, and the ongoing story threads that have stretched throughout the series.

On the Star Trek front, the latest issue of the official ongoing Trek series (also from IDW Publishing) continues to explore the rebooted universe created by J.J. Abrams’ 2009 movie and continued in this year’s Star Trek Into Darkness. Supervised by Trek producer/screenwriter Roberto Orci, the latest issue follows up on this year’s tie-in video game, which first introduced the new timeline’s take on the reptilian Gorn. They don’t look like dudes in rubber suits no more.

Over in the world of that other space franchise, Star Wars #8 spins another story set in the period between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes back. Luke and Wedge infiltrate the Empire in a thoroughly unexpected way: by letting themselves get caught. Also, Han and Chewie face off against Boba Fett, without a convenient Sarlacc in sight.

X-Files more your speed? The X-Files: Season 10 is taking a page from the in-canon comic continuations of Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and picking right up where the series left off. We may not get Mulder and Scully back in movie or TV form, but we can at least follow their adventures in the funny papers, as no one has called comics in like three decades at least.

If none of those have enticed you, why not check out the first issue of a new Buck Rogers series? Or if you prefer your sci-fi thoroughly weird and thoroughly awesome, we can’t recommend Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga enough. Trust us.

Here’s what’s new This Week in Science Fiction!

MythBusters: Breaking Bad Special (Discovery, 10/9c)

For the special episode airing Monday night, hosts Adam and Jamie will be joined by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and star Aaron Paul to conduct real-world experiments on the explosive properties of mercury fulminate and the extent of hydrofluoric acid’s corrosiveness, both of which were integral plot points early in the series.

Under the Dome (CBS, 10/9c) — “Thicker Than Water”
“Junior stands up to his father and learns the truth about his mother’s past; Julia discovers the mini dome’s power.” I will confess, I did not see the mini-dome coming. Could there be an even smaller dome somewhere? Is this whole thing a Russian nesting-doll situation?

StriebAlien Hunter” by Whitley Strieber
Summary via Amazon:

Alien Hunter is a searing new novel from New York Times bestselling author Whitley Strieber.

A young wife disappears in the night, never to be seen again. There is no evidence of kidnapping—in fact, everything indicates that she left on purpose. Her husband, a brilliant police detective, cannot believe this—but he also can’t find her.

Flynn Carroll’s lost love becomes his obsession. He begins amassing a file of similar cases nationwide. His conclusion is unavoidable: somebody is taking people and making it look like they walked out on their own. As Flynn’s case files grow, his work comes to the attention of Special Agent Diana Glass, a member of the most secret police unit on the planet. This police force seeks the most brilliant and lethal criminals who have ever walked free—thieves and murderers from another world.

Without fully understanding what Glass and her team are doing, Flynn steps into a hidden world of extraordinary challenge and lethal danger. The job is the most difficult police assignment ever known to man, but the idea is the same—find the bad guys. Stop them.

SunriseAssault on Sunrise” by Michael Shea

Less than a hundred years in the future, pollution, economic disaster, and the rapacious greed of the corporate oligarchy has brought America to its knees and created dystopian urban nightmares, of which L.A. may be the worst.

Curtis, Japh, and Jool are film extras, who—with the help of a couple of very gutsy women—survived being anonymous players in a “live-action” film in which getting killed on-screen meant getting killed for real. Surviving the shoot made them rich enough to escape the post-apocalyptic Hell that L.A. has become. But their survival was not what Panoply Studios’ CEO Val Margolian had in mind, especially since it cost his company millions.

Now he’s taking his revenge. After several plainclothes police are found dead in the former extras’ new home, the bucolic, peaceful town of Sunrise, California, the entire town is subjected to Margolian’s invidious plan to punish the entire town…and make a fortune doing it. Margolian has created toxic, murderous wasp-like mechanical creatures to set upon the people of Sunrise, while his film crew captures the carnage in what promises to be the bloodiest “live-action” film yet. With their haven from L.A. besieged by the deadly assault, the former extras—and their fellow townspeople—are faced with a grim task: to defeat the creatures and take back their town and their freedom. Michael Shea’s Assault on Sunrise is a saga of courage and sacrifice in a world gone mad.

CaptainsThe Captains Close Up (DVD)

Since first soaring onto TV screens in the 1960s, Star Trek has become one of the most beloved franchises of all time. Now, the original Captain Kirk, William Shatner, travels around the globe in this new five-part series to interview the elite group of actors who have portrayed the role of Starfleet Captain, giving fans an intimate and exclusive look at the pop culture phenomenon.

Doctor Who: The Green Death – Special Edition (DVD)

New to DVD! Digitally remastered Doctor Who classic The Green Death Special Edition! UNIT is called in after a miner from the Welsh village of Llanfairfach is found dead, his skin glowing bright green. Jo joins forces with a local environmental group, led by Professor Clifford Jones, while the Doctor investigates the nearby plant of a company called Global Chemicals. They discover that the mine workings are full of giant maggots and green slime — both lethal to touch — that have been produced by chemical waste pumped from the Global plant. Stevens, the director of Global, has been taken over by the BOSS — Bimorphic Organisational Systems Supervisor — a computer with a will of its own.

Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space (Blu-Ray)

New to DVD! Digitally remastered Doctor Who classic Spearhead from Space Blu-ray! Exile! The Time Lords have banished the newly regenerated Doctor to Earth. But the Doctor isn’t the only alien to have arrived, as a swarm of meteorites have crashed into the sleepy English countryside, bringing with them a terrible new threat to mankind. As the Nestene plan takes shape, UNIT, the Doctor and his newly appointed scientific advisor, Liz Shaw, race against time to stop humanity being replaced by a terrifying plastic facsimile race.

Face Off (Syfy, 9/8c) — “Going for Gold”
The 90-minute fifth season premiere will see the newbies shocked to learn that they’ll be competing not just against each others, but against a group of returning veterans eager for a second shot at the title.

Heroes of Cosplay (Syfy, 10:30/9:30c) — “Wizard World Portland”
Syfy’s latest follows nine passionate cosplayers as they construct all manner of impressive costumes to stand out in “the competitive world of cosplay.” The contestants include Chloe Dykstra, daughter of effects wizard John Dykstra, and Holly Conrad, a costume designer whose damned impressive Mass Effect costumed were featured in Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope.

BuckBuck Rogers in the 25th Century #1 (Hermes Press)

Buck Rogers, the first, best, and original Sci-Fi hero returns with Howard Chaykin drawing and writing this action packed incarnation of this iconic title. Over eighty years after the creation of the newspaper strip that become a household word, Howard Chaykin has returned the character and his universe back to basics: Buck Rogers, former World War I ace is accidentally suspended in time only to awaken to new and different earth, 500 years in the future, fragmented by war and ruled by an omnipotent force – the Chinese. Now, Buck along with Colonel Wilma Deering, begins a new fight, to free the United States!

Doctor Who #12 (IDW Publishing)
The year-long series examining each incarnation of the Doctor reaches its epic conclusion!

The big bad revealed at last! The yearlong mystery of the Hypothetic Gentleman and his identity has finally been unraveled by the Doctor, but is it too late to save himself, Clara and the other misplaced residents of ‘sky world’? Join us for the finale of ‘Sky Jacks’ to find out!

Futurama (Comedy Central, 10/9c) — “Game of Tones”
“The crew go into Fry’s dreams to find the meaning of a strange alien melody.”

Joe Rogan Questions Everything (Syfy, 10/9c) — “Biopocalypse”
Rogan explores the possibility that we’ll end up wiping ourselves out with some lab-made horror disease. You know, like this one. Plus: zombies!

SagaSaga #13 (Image Comics)

Now that you’ve read the first two bestselling collections of SAGA, you’re all caught up and ready to jump on the ongoing train with Chapter Thirteen, beginning an all-new monthly sci-fi/fantasy adventure, as Hazel and her parents head to the planet Quietus in search of cult romance novelist D. Oswald Heist.

Star Trek #24 (IDW Publishing)
The official Trek tie-in comic is exploring the rebooted universe’s version of the Gorn. It’ll likely be most readers’ first encounter with the redesigned Gorn, since they were first introduced in the recent Star Trek video game, and nobody played that.

The adventures of Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise crew continue in an all-new adventure that follows the events of the hit film STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS and the new STAR TREK video game! A classic enemy returns in this story overseen by STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci. Beware. . . THE GORN!

StarWarsStar Wars #8 (Dark Horse Comics)

Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles intentionally allow themselves to be captured by the Empire to discover how Colonel Bircher is tracking the Rebels’ movements. Meanwhile, Darth Vader sends a spy into his own ranks to find out the same thing. And Han and Chewie go blaster to blaster against Boba Fett!

X-Files Season 10 #3 (IDW Publishing)

The Acolytes are seeking Scully’s lost son, William, and Dana realizes there’s more than meets the eye to her abductor, known only as the Deacon. Meanwhile, Mulder uncovers more of the truth than he can handle when an old, cigarette-smoking ‘friend’ pays him a visit.

Walking Dead #113 (Image Comics)
The official synopsis for the issue says only, “They march to certain doom.” So I’m guessing that’s going to be bad, then.

Continuum (Syfy, 10/9c) — “Second Guessed”
“A series of cyber attacks creates chaos in Vancouver, and Kiera and Carlos try to find the perpetrator, but clues indicate Alec’s technology may have something to do with it.”

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