Doctor Who And Next Generation Casts Compete For Selfie Supremacy

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

Karen Gillan is following up her stint as Doctor Who companion Amy Pond by slipping into an American accent for the upcoming ABC sitcom Selfie (which is a modern spin on My Fair Lady for our social media-obsessed age). So what better way to help promote a show called Selfie than with, well, a selfie? The setting: Wizard World Chicago. The participants: Gillan, former Who lead Matt Smith, and Blastr journalist/instigator Aaron Sagers. The result:


It’s hardly the first celebrity selfie to go viral, but it is noteworthy for one particular reason. Apparently with the above picture we are witness to the very first “duckface” Matt Smith ever duckfaced. According to Sagers, Gillan wanted to throw the duckface into the mix, but Matt Smith, in perhaps the single most charming sentence he has ever uttered, asked, “What’s duckface?”

God bless you, Matt Smith. You are adorable.

And thus was the internet gifted a picture of Matt Smith still not quite getting the whole duckface thing right. Tighten up the lips a bit, mate, you just look like you’re mid-word. No worries, it’s a good thing to not be good at, trust me.

Now, if you follow GFR’s Facebook page you might have spotted an even more epic selfie earlier this week. We’re talking about the shot below, where LeVar Burton got most of the Next Generation crew in one shot while simultaneously 1) cropping out 90% of Michael Dorn and 2) also capturing William Shatner. That former fact is a damn shame, but the latter one actually makes this picture a better cross-series team-up than Generations.


Alright, science fiction TV veterans, the gauntlet has been thrown down. Who will rise to the occasion and give us the next great sci-fi selfie? The Farscape guys? The Firefly crew? Babylon 5 peeps, we’re always looking for excuses to evangelize about your show.

Proof that one exists!

Bonus points if you can get Peter Jurasik to put on the Londo hair first.

Finally, I would be remiss to wrap up this post without sharing the other selfie Karen Gillan took to promote her new show…


It was either that or posted an embed of that godawful #SELFIE song. You’re welcome.