Former Doctor Who Star And Future Star Trekker Noel Clarke Fights Aliens In Storage 24

By Will LeBlanc | 9 years ago

Most Doctor Who fans would leap with joyous excitement when the criminally underused character of Mickey found his way into episodes. Always charming and hopelessly devoted to the unavailable Rose, Noel Clarke stole most of the scenes he was in. So get excited, guys. Clarke is getting some feature work, and he’ll be battling aliens while he’s at it.

Written by and starring Noel Clarke, Storage 24 follows a group of people trapped inside a storage facility that is housing what we can assume is some secret government project that breaks out and tries to kill everyone in its path. Kind of a scarier version of Super 8. Scope out the trailer below.

The trailer seems to lack the kind of snap that American movie trailers have, but still manages to show off what seems to be a decent low-budget flick with some good scares. Hot on the heels of the outstanding Brit-horror outing Attack the Block, this may be the slow start of a genre import from overseas much like we saw after The Ring from Asia. Of course, this often leads to remakes, but since British people speak English, most Americans should be able to handle the translations.

Storage 24 lands in theaters June 29th in the UK and Ireland, but has no current information about when it will find its way here. Expect the film to become available on VOD soon after that.

storage 24

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