Doctor Who Series 6 DVDs Will Include 5 Original Mini-Episodes

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

Whovians already know that it’s going to be a long wait until Doctor Who returns in Fall 2012 for its next full season.  Sure, there’s going to be the requisite Christmas special, but all that really does is whet your appetite for more real episodes.  Desperate fans might be able to console themselves with the DVDs of season 6 of the British science fiction/fantasy television program, about which SFX has some details. 

The bonus materials on the DVDs will include a lot of the standard bonuses: abridged versions of Doctor Who Confidential, episode commentaries on five episodes (although none with Matt Smith or Karen Gillan), featurettes on The Silence, the Gangers, the antibodies on the Tessalecta, and the Cybermat, and trailers.  Perhaps most excitingly, though, SFX says the DVDs will include five new, original mini-episodes written by Steven Moffat.  They come to only 12 minutes total and, according to SFX, “collectively address the question: what does the Doctor get up to while Rory and Amy are asleep?”

According to the reviewer, the minisodes are a bit of a mixed bag.  They range from silly but inconsequential (“Night and the Doctor”) to touching and/or poignant (“Good Night” and “Last Night”) to pointless (“Up All Night”, which is a prequel to “Closing Time”).  The minisodes I’m most excited about are “First Night” and “Last Night”, in which The Doctor visits River Song on her first night in jail to take her out for an adventure.  We’ve heard so much about their adventures together during her incarceration that it will be nice to get to see one (even if only in a short DVD extra).  It also sounds like those minisodes have a bit of a poignant twist to them.

It should be noted that SFX is a British rag and, thus, they are reviewing the UK DVD release (slated for November 21, 2011).  According to the BBC America online store, the US will also be getting a “complete series” DVD set for season 6 (available November 22, 2011) in addition to the “Part One” and “Part Two” DVDs.  Hopefully, the US release will also include the minisodes.  If not, it’s not like fandom has been very restricted in getting access to things they want since the internet came about.

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