Doctor Who Season 7 Trailer Has Dinosaurs… On A Spaceship!

By Josh Tyler | 8 years ago

The return of The Doctor is now just a few months away. Doctor Who starts airing on the BBC this autumn and it’ll be filled with both endings and beginnings. Daleks and death. Dinosaurs… on spaceships? Yep.

Get your first taste of the excitement in the new Doctor Who season 7 trailer below…

No matter how excited you may be about the prospect of seeing dinosaurs on a spaceship, it seems clear that The Doctor is at least twice as excited. But then, he does get to ride a triceratops…

Triceratops are cool.

It’s good to know that with all the doom and gloom predictions we’ve heard about the new season, involving the death of Amy Pond and the revelation of the answer to the question “Doctor who?”, the show’s still going to have a lot of silly, ridiculous fun.

In particular I’m looking forward to the old west episode only hinted at in this teaser, since it’s supposed to star Farscape’s Ben Browder. In the end though, as it always does, it looks like it’ll all come down to the Daleks. Lots and lots of Daleks.

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