Doctor Who Rumor Of The Day: Anniversary Appearances From All Eleven Doctors?

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

There’s been all sorts of chatter and speculation about what all we’ll see next year, as the venerable Doctor Who series celebrates five decades of mucking about in time and space. Today, however, we may have hit the mother lode, with multiple major rumors about what is to come.

If you want the dirt and the details, scroll down past the Doctor smorgasbord below and all will be revealed…

First, the big one. As reported by Bleeding Cool, the Doctor Who fansite Blogtor Who, usually pretty reliable, posted — and then quickly deleted — a story revealing that the anniversary celebration will include a special entitled “The 11 Doctors.” And that isn’t just a nice tip of the hat to the show’s long run…instead the rumor is that all 11 Doctors will put in appearances. Yes, even the dead ones.

What exactly that means, assuming it’s true, remains to be seen. Could we see small appearances from the likes of William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, and Jon Pertwee, perhaps using existing footage to digitally insert them somehow? If so, would they also have to colorize the show’s older footage? Or could they be casting new actors to play them? I realize those three are indelibly associated with their incarnations of the Doctor, but if they could find actors who resemble them and it was done respectfully, I think fans would probably forgive the use of new actors if it meant being able to pay tribute to the first three Doctors.

The original post from Blogtor Who, citing “trusted people (with no reason to lie),” also said that all of the Doctors had “agreed” to participate. Again, not sure what that means when applied to the three dead actors, but if nothing else it sounds like all the surviving Doctors are at least open to appearing in the special.

That would presumably include Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston, who recently hasn’t seemed to have given much thought to the 50th anniversary festivities. His agreement may be tentative, depending on whether he likes the script or not. Blogtor Who claimed that there are actually two versions of the script, one with the Ninth Doctor playing a major role, and one where his involvement is very limited. That way they’ll be prepared regardless of whether Eccleston wants to jump in with both feet or not.

One very interesting tidbit suggests that we may not have to wait until the anniversary special to see appearances from other Doctors. The Blogtor Who story also said:

Series 7 Part 2 (8 episodes airing in Spring 2013) will lead into the 50th Anniversary with appearances from past Doctors in some stories. [I should add, I’ve only heard this from one person and, personally, I’m not too sure of its veracity. Included for completion.]

The anniversary special is said to run 90 minutes, and will begin shooting in February.

Finally, one last whopper of a rumor: Blogtor Who’s unnamed sources also claim that all of this will lead up to a New Year’s special (2013-2014) which will see Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith regenerating into…well, into whoever comes next. Stay tuned for more…

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