An Epic Who Fan Video, The Doctor’s Facebook Video, And An Unexpected Crossover

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

After the barrage of news, rumors, and outright lies that filled our days here at GFR in the months and weeks leading up to the one-two punch of The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor, you might think I’d be all Who’d out at this point. But damned if that epic fan trailer up top doesn’t make me want to go back and rewatch Matt Smith’s final outings all over again. Check it out if you haven’t, a well-edited fan tribute to the “Doctor Trilogy” made up of “The Name of the Doctor,” The Day of the Doctor, and The Time of the Doctor. It’s a great idea for a trailer, and the only thing I think YouTuber RunAndRemember should have done differently was to find a way to incorporate Paul Gann’s “Night of the Doctor” webisode.

But while we’re feeling all nostalgic for times past, why not have the Doctor partake in a trend that lit up social media in recent weeks. In honor of Facebook’s tenth anniversary, users were able to view “Look Back” videos that culled from their posts and pictures to create a short video about their time using the service. Sort of like your life flashing before your eyes right before you die, only without the impending mortality. For some, they were bittersweet reminders of life’s milestones; for others they were a stark reminder that we are all spending way too much time on Facebook

Of course, the Doctor has considerably more life to pull from, so what would his Facebook Look Back video look like? More importantly, do you think he’ll accept my friend request? (Kudos to YouTuber Traveller in the Dark for a great job picking moments and images from the show to make up the video. It’s a nice mix of old and new, silly and serious…just like the show itself.)

Last but not least, here’s the crossover someone somewhere may have demanded, but which we never expected. Remember to keep the TARDIS door closed, Doc: it’s cold outside, there’s no kind of atmosphere…