The Doctor Recruits Some New (Disney) Companions

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

ArielWhen Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012, one of the swiftest response memes re-imagined assorted Disney princesses as residents of George Lucas’ sprawling space opera universe. Cinderella in Slave Leia garb, Jasmine with her hair in buns, and so on. (If there isn’t a “Chewbacca as Beast” riff somewhere out there, I’ll be very disappointed.) That joke wore thin fast, but for some reason, all this time later, I find myself really loving an entirely different Disney princesses mash-up: only this time the princesses’ gentleman caller isn’t a Jedi or smuggler, but rather a dashing time lord in a magic blue box.


The series is the brainchild of DeviantArtist Khallion, who has done over half a dozen of the pictures, several of which are available as T-shirts from TeeFury. And although he doesn’t do it in every single design, one of the things I love the most is the recurring motif of the Doctor’s outstretched hand, inviting the ladies to join him for an adventure. It’s a powerful visual for fans of the show, a symbolic offer many a Whovian would accept without hesitation should the Doctor ever show up on their doorstep.


Sometimes, however, the door to the TARDIS is closed. Does that mean the Doctor isn’t asking them along, or only that he’s making them take the initiative? Maybe there was just a draft inside the TARDIS when he left the door open. Either way, leaving the door closed can cause some problems. For one thing, you never know what some little ruffian might add to the decor.


I’m glad to see Mary Poppins included as well, especially since there’s a long-standing theory that she herself is a time lord. British, bag that’s bigger on the inside, and so on. Look, she’s even got her own sonic screwdriver!