First Doctor Who: Pond Life Webisode Has Mata Hari And Lava Surfing

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

The BBC is counting down the days until the Doctor Who seventh season premiere with Pond Life, a five-episode web series that’s running an ep per day this week. The series takes a look at what the Ponds are up do after having stepped away from traveling with the Doctor last season. After all, while they may not be bunking on the TARDIS, that doesn’t mean they’ve cut off all contact. Although they do appear to be screening their calls…

When the BBC folks announced that the Ponds would be the subject of five short webisodes, I don’t know that anyone would have guessed quite this short. As in, the first ep doesn’t even clock in at a full minute. And while watching the Doctor recount some of his outlandish adventures to the Ponds is cute in its way, I’m left wondering if this was even worth the money and/or time it took to produce them. Maybe the remaining four episodes will be longer or more involved, but as it stands I don’t know that these Pond Life segments would even be worth including as a throwaway DVD extra. Unless the remaining webisodes really impress, this seems to be a case of “Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.”

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