Doctor Who Pics Take Us Into The Heart Of The TARDIS

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Doctor WhoSaturday night will see the premiere of one of the more intriguing Doctor Who episodes in a while, entitled “Journey to the Center Centre of the TARDIS.” As you might guess, it will be set largely inside the Doctor’s iconic craft, and promises to reveal parts of the ship never before seen. We’re including the nifty but non-spoiler-y episode poster above, but be warned: the gallery below definitely contains some reveals you might not want to know in advance about what we’ll see in the “centre” of the TARDIS. Scroll down at thy own peril!

Here’s what we know about the episode so far. Some space scavengers somehow capture the TARDIS — no clue how they’re going to explain that one — and the Doctor must find a way to free his vessel and keep himself and Clara safe. That last bit will be tricky, because apparently in all the commotion Clara has gotten lost inside the bowels of the TARDIS. Companion Tip Number 12, people: always unspool a ball of yarn behind you when venturing beyond the TARDIS control room. That’s just common sense.

And now, to the gallery! It looks like Clara won’t be short on reading material while the Doctor tries to find her. I wonder if he has a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey in there…