Doctor Who’s Matt Smith Says He Probably Won’t Be Regenerating For The 50th Anniversary

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

With all the excitement building for Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary next year, it’s no surprise that people have already begun speculating if that might be a target date for Matt Smith to regenerate and introduce us to a new Doctor. Based on a new interview with Smith, however, we probably shouldn’t wager any money on a 50th anniversary regeneration.

Smith has been cagey about how long he plans to stay with the show, but the most recent rumors are that he’ll be around through at least 2014. That would obviously mean no 50th anniversary regeneration…well, unless they pull the Buffy/Faith loophole and have multiple versions of the Doctor co-existing for an extended period. I’m not holding my breath on that one either. Here’s what Smith had to say on the subject of anniversaries and regenerations, speaking to Radio Times, “We want to make [the anniversary] as big and bold and as brilliant as we can because, we hope, it can be one of the monumental bits of TV history … But I doubt there’ll be a regeneration…”

Now, “I doubt there will be” isn’t the same thing as “there definitely won’t be,” but this at least suggests that either 1) it’s not in the cards at this time, or 2) Moffat is holding Smith’s family hostage to keep him mum until they unleash a surprise regeneration on us. Smith did dismiss the claims that he’s officially signed on for 2014, saying that he hasn’t signed anything new. But he also admitted that even he isn’t always in the loop for the show’s future plans: “Steven will tease you right to the end,” Smith says, because that’s what he does to me.”

Doctor Who‘s new season premieres this Saturday, September 1st, on BBC One at 7:20pm and BBC America at 9/8c.

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