Doctor Who Inforgraphic Is Like Time Lord Cliff’s Notes

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Doctor WhoAre you like me, excited for this weekend’s Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, but at the same time a little afraid that there will be enough obscure references, inside jokes, and random nods to the long history of the show that you’ll miss more than a few things? If that’s the case, and you could use a crash course in the Whoniverse before Saturday, November 23, or even if you’re just looking to brush up on the basics before the big day, you’re in luck. You should check out this insanely detailed infographic that details the history of Doctor Who. Think of it like Cliff’s Notes, but for Doctor Who, or like cramming deep into the wee hours the night before a big final exam.

Originating at, this bad boy breaks down Time Lord lore into three broad, easy to digest categories. First is an introduction to the Doctor’s preferred method of transportation through time and space, his trusty blue TARDIS. You may have noticed that it looks like a police call box, though much, much larger on the inside.

After that, you get into the heart of the matter, or two hearts, as the case may be. Here it gives you an overview of all of the Doctors, from William Hartnell’s original, all the way to Matt Smith’s present day incarnation. Along the way you get brief accounts of their various adventures, notable facts, predilections, companions, and the like. This portion of the program even includes John Hurt’s mysterious new War Doctor—though not as a numbered version of the Time Lord—and provides a small aside that delves into the Time War.

The final part of this graphic introduces you to some of the Doctor’s various gadgets, gizmos, and tools of the trade, not to mention other random objects, like number eleven’s fez and bowtie. You’ll also find fan favorites like the fourth Doctor’s scarf, the 500 year diary, and, of course, the trusty sonic screwdriver. Where would the universe be without that? I shudder to think.

BBC will simulcast The Day of the Doctor all over the globe this Saturday, with some prefunc events hitting the airwaves via YouTube. Do you have plans to celebrate five decades of Doctor Who, or are you planning to DVR the special and watch it on repeat, clapping and sobbing for joy the whole time?

Mere days away, the wait still feels like a long one, but to tide you over, the BBC did release the epic mini episode The Night of the Doctor. Not only will it take edge off for those of you fiending for more Who, the short is exciting, ominous, and adds an intriguing new wrinkle into the Whooniverse.

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