Doctor Who Full-Length Season 8 Trailer Ventures Into The Darkness

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Season eight of BBC’s long-running sci-fi adventure Doctor Who is quickly approaching. The new series, which kicks off on August 23, properly introduces us to Peter Capaldi’s 12th incarnation of the Time Lord—he turned up in the last holiday special, but that was more of a cameo than anything. To mark the occasion, the network has released this dramatic full-length trailer.

There just about everything you could want in this trailer, both for fans and non-fans alike. You have the Doctor, Clara (Jenna Louise Coleman), dinosaurs, Daleks, spaceships, explosions, and adventure of all varieties. From the look of things, these upcoming episodes are going to be a damn good time.

We’ve been promised that this new iteration of the Doctor also ushers in an increasing darkness, not too hard to imagine after Matt Smith’s human cartoon, and that side is on full display in this video. Not only has the protagonist changed his exterior appearance, he’s got a new mission, to fix some of the mistakes he’s made over the course of his 2000-year life, and their heading into the shadows. Clara says, “I don’t think I know who the Doctor is anymore,” and she isn’t the only one. It doesn’t appear that he entirely knows himself at this stage of the game, as illustrated by that bit at the end when he asks Clara if she thinks he is a good man, and she doesn’t know how to answer.

This season marks an interesting turn for the character, and the series as a whole. On a personal level, I’m really anticipating the first two episodes, which were both directed by Ben Wheatley, most known for his genre-bending films like Kill List, A Field in England, and Sightseers, not to mention his upcoming adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s novel High Rise. To call his films dark is an understatement—disturbing is a better word—and the more I think about it, the more excited I get to see what he does with his turn at the helm.

This latest preview is similar in tone and feel to the quick teasers that have been released, like the one that stares into the Doctor’s soul, and chest…

…and the other, where he also wonders if he is a good man or has lost his way. We’ll get the answer to this question, or at least we’ll get a better idea of the answer, when the Doctor and Clara jump in the TARDIS for season eight later next month.

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