Doctor Who Fans Get Crafty With Time Lord Portraits And A Hand-Made Sonic Screwdriver Box

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

DescentScience fiction fans are a crafty and creative sort, paying tribute to their favorite fictional universes with everything from fan fiction to short films to stunning artwork. Well, we’ve got two new contestants for the Doctor Who Arts & Crafts Fair that I’m sure somebody is running out there somewhere: some lovely painted portraits of everybody’s favorite time lord, as well as the only sonic screwdriver case you’ll ever need.

First up, artist James Hance has turned his talent toward rendering colorful, evocative painted portraits of the Doctor — specifically the modern incarnations beginning with Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor. What I love about these is that not only are they great work in and of themselves, but that they also capture some of the show’s most powerful and emotional moments, often given equally tear-jerking titles, such as “My Sarah Jane”…


…or this unforgettable moment from Neil Gaiman’s Hugo-winning episode “The Doctor’s Wife,” dubbed “I Just Wanted to Say Hello”…


…or — and I apologize for the oncoming flood of tears, Tennant fans — this one, entitled “So Much More…”


This last one is my favorite, though, because it’s a great rendering of Tennant and referencing one of my favorite scenes from “The End of Time.” Which, granted, didn’t have that many great scenes, but the presence of Wilf is like a sucker punch to my feelings gland, especially when the Doctor is off on one of his inspiring monologues about humanity’s potential. If you recall, Wilf says to the Doctor, “We must look like insects to you.” And the Doctor replies with this painting’s title: “I Think You Look Like Giants.”


You can check out tons more of Hance’s art, and order prints, right here.

Finally, if you’re less a “hang something on a wall” kind of collector than a “give me something to play with” sort…well, sorry, you can’t actually buy this gorgeous Gallifreyan sonic screwdriver box. It was created by a “full time model maker” who posted the pics on the cosplay/prop-building site TheRPF. You can click the image for a larger version.


Here’s what the builder had to say about this thing I am currently lusting after like Gollum in a ring store:

I’m a full time model maker so I don’t get much time for my own projects but I’ve wanted to do this one for a while now. I was tired of my Sonics kicking around in draws all over the house and I [wanted] them in one place so I thought I’d make a nice display box for them. It’s just MDF, black walnut veneer, a few bought fixtures and fittings, flight case foam and the seals are simply laser cut acrylic and I took casts from them using fastcast and a touch of brass metal powder to polish them up. It’s a bit rough and scruffy but it was just a way of storing them that got out of hand! haha Anyway, enjoy!

Also, the Gallifreyan on the wood was again laser cut with flour rubbed into the cuts to bring the writing out.