The Doctor Faces Off Against The Daleks…Again: This Week’s TV Picks

By David Wharton | 6 years ago

IntoDalekThe new Doctor is clearly hitting the ground running. This weekend will only be his second week on the job and he’s already up against one of his most formidable enemies: the Daleks. Seriously, those guys are like are like that freakin’ Chumbawamba song, they just keep getting back up again. But the good news is that this isn’t your typical Dalek episode. Sure, the Daleks are on hand, screaming and threatening to EX-TER-MIN-ATE everything in sight, but for once that isn’t the primary challenge facing the Doctor. No, this time around he’s confronting a Dalek that is one thing he never thought possible: different. Here’s the official synopsis and trailer for “Into the Dalek,” which premieres this Saturday night at 9/8c on BBC America!

A Dalek fleet surrounds a lone rebel ship, and only the Doctor can help them now… with the Doctor facing his greatest enemy, he needs Clara by his side. Confronted with a decision that could change the Daleks forever he is forced to examine his conscience. Will he find the answer to the question, am I a good man?


Under the Dome (CBS, 10/9c) — “The Red Door”

When Barbie is apprehended by a group of mysterious men, he is relentlessly interrogated about his connection to the Dome. Meanwhile, Big Jim makes a deal that could seal the fate of the residents of Chester’s Mill forever.


Face Off (Syfy, 9/8c) — “Wizard of Wonderland”

The artists work in teams when they take characters from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and reimagine them as though they have fallen down the rabbit hole into Alice’s Wonderland.


Extant (CBS, 9/8c) — “Care and Feeding / A Pack of Cards”

When Sparks falls under the influence of the vision of his deceased daughter, he flees with Molly’s baby to a remote location. Now, Yasumoto and Molly must rely on each other to track down the offspring.

As Molly gets closer to finding her ‘offspring,’ John learns that Yasumoto might not have his family’s best interests at heart, and Sparks commits to do whatever it takes to keep the ‘offspring’ alive and maintain the visions of his dead daughter.

How the Universe Works (Science, 9/8c) — “Starman”

Potential homes for humans in space are investigated.

Man vs. The Universe (Science, 10/9c) — “Mars Is Ours”

Future potential missions to Mars are examined.


Defiance (Syfy, 8/7c) — “All Things Must Pass / I Almost Prayed”
Season finale!

Irisa’s plan comes to fruition. The question is… who will survive?


Intruders (BBC America, 10/9c) — “Time Has Come Today”

Jack searches for Amy in Seattle, but her movements produce more questions than answers. Meanwhile, Madison finds herself in a train station with a ticket to Seattle, an envelope with money, and a mysterious key; and Richard suffers serious consequences due to an act of humanity.

Outlander (Starz, 9/8c) — “The Gathering”

Claire plots to escape during the Castle’s Gathering ceremony, but encounters with Jamie and a drunken Dougal alter her plans.


Falling Skies (TNT, 9/8c) — “Space Oddity / Shoot the Moon”
Season finale!

Tom’s mission to destroy the Espheni Power Core is complicated by Lexi’s return. Lexi is forced to take extreme measures to save her father’s life — and her own — after a Beamer malfunction. Meanwhile, the 2nd Mass fears an impending Espheni strike by the scorched Overlord.

Manhattan (WGN, 10/9c) — “Acceptable Limits, Part One”

Frank seeks medical answers; Charlie and Helen travel to survey an off-site reactor.

Masters of Sex (Showtime, 10/9c) — “A Better Shape”

Masters privately treats a couple for infertility; Johnson gets in over her head when she tries to treat Barbara Sanderson on her own; Libby witnesses a hate crime that is whitewashed by the police.

The Strain (FX, 10/9c) — “Creatures of the Night”

After discovering the potency of ultraviolet light against the strigoi, Setrakian gains a new and unlikely disciple. A quick trip to a Brooklyn convenience store turns into a deadly all-night siege.

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