Doctor Who’s Next Doctor Will Be The Woman?

Would you accept a female Doctor?

By Josh Tyler | Published

This is both a good idea and an idea which could also easily ruin the Doctor Who franchise. Word is that when Matt Smith finally retires as The Doctor, the show’s producers may be considering making the next Doctor a woman.

It’s a good idea primarily because of the woman they’re rumored to be considering hiring as the next Doctor. Her name is Lara Pulver and you should instantly recognize her as the woman, Irene Adler, from the brilliant new BBC Sherlock Holmes series. The 31-year-old British actress showed up for one episode and completely rocked Sherlock’s world, going toe to toe with him in a way no one else could ever have hoped to. She was brilliant and, it’s easy to imagine her as a completely brilliant new take on The Doctor.

The rumor of her possible involvement comes from the often unreliable Daily Express where they say…

Insiders say a dramatic twist will see current Time Lord Matt Smith, 29, regenerate into a new female character when next year’s series reaches its dramatic climax. “The 50th anniversary series will end with a very big twist,” we’re told. “The Doctor becoming a woman will give the show a new lease of life.”

Assuming the Express has reliable sources, the way they’ve worded their story makes me wonder if perhaps this will just be a one episode guest spot, and not an actual complete handoff of the character. Some sort of time-traveling look into the future where The Doctor sees the person he might become some day, perhaps. That could be a good way to test the audiences willingness to have a female Doctor, something the franchise has never done before.

What do you think? Would you accept a female Doctor? Let Steven Moffat and the Doctor Who crew know if you think women are cool in the comments below.