Doctor Who Costume Auctioned For Charity

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

The traditional Doctor Who sketch on this weekend’s annual Children in Need charity appeal on the BBC had a bit of an unusual twist.  Previous years have seen the Doctor Who team use the sketch to bring the Tenth Doctor face to face with the Fifth Doctor and to bridge the gap between the first and second seasons of the new series. 

The sketches don’t always make a direct appeal to the fundraising aim of the Children in Need special, but this year’s did.  Current Doctor Matt Smith encouraged viewers to go online to and bid for the very items he was wearing, taking each off (from behind a screen) as he listed it:

According to the Doctor Who TV website, the auction was for the specific iteration of The Doctor’s outfit from the Gaiman-penned episode “The Doctor’s Wife”: tweed jack, shirt, black jeans, black boots, braces (suspenders, to those of us in the United States), bow-tie, and watch.  The winner of the auction would also receive a copy of the sketch’s script signed by both Stephen Moffat and Matt Smith.

The auction is closed now and the final price hasn’t been released, but yesterday the total had reached £50K (more than $78K USD).  That is a lot of dough for the children who benefit from the BBC’s charity organization.  I want to say it’s awesome that a fan is so committed to charity, but I think we all know she or he is probably just a really big fan with a lot of extra cash.