First Look At Doctor Who’s New Companion On Set

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Amy and Rory have a few episodes left but it won’t be long before The Doctor has a new companion with him in the TARDIS. She’ll be played by actress Jenna Louise Coleman, and while don’t know a lot about her character yet, we do know what she’ll be wearing…

Jenna Louse-Coleman and Matt Smith

That’s Jenna on set filming an upcoming Doctor Who episode. The image comes from Doctor Who TV where they say her character is going to be called Clara.

From Clara’s attire I think it’s safe to assume that The Doctor picks her up in modern day England, the same place he seems to get all of his companions. It’s also worth noting that she seems to be dressed an awful lot like Amy Pond. Presumably at some point Clara will get her own sense of style.