Doctor Who’s New Companion May Be Hyperdrive’s Teal

By Josh Tyler | 10 years ago

One of the greatest and most simultaneously terrible things about Doctor Who is that it always changes. No one plays The Doctor forever and even if he stays, his companions must invariably leave the TARDIS and get on with real life. We already know that the next season of the show will be the last for his current companions, Amy and Rory. That means that showrunner Stephen Moffat will probably have to look for someone else to pair up with Matt Smith, pretty soon. Maybe it’ll be Miranda Hart.

Hart is probably best known to science fiction fans as part of the cult hit BBC sci-fi comedy Hyperdrive, where she starred as a starship officer named Teal, opposite Nick Frost. In addition to being a well-used actress she’s also a writer and stand-up comedian. What I’m getting at here is that she’s pretty funny. She’s also about as different from Amy Pond as anyone could possibly be, and I’m not just talking about the fact that she won’t look nearly as good in a mini-skirt. So will they hire her?

Rumor of Hart’s potential Doctor Who involvement comes from a variety of sources, in particular the British website Bleeding Cool. They haven’t been able to get a confirmation from her, but seem to be fairly certain that she’s at least one of the frontrunners for the Doctor Who vacancy. There’s also a possibility that actor James Corden may have gotten a call from the Who team. He’s already been on the show as a recurring character named Craig. Corden and Smith have great chemistry.

Though we haven’t seen them together, I suspect Hart and Smith would also have pretty great chemistry. More than anything Hart reminds me of Catherine Tate, who played Donna Noble, one of the companions during David Tennant’s run. If Hart and Smith end up being even half as good together, we’re in for something special.

Here’s a taste of Miranda Hart’s work as Teal on Hyperdrive

For now it’s all rumor and speculation. We’ll let you know when there’s something more concrete.