Doctor Who Collides With Star Trek In The Next Movie

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Former Doctor Who co-star Noel Clarke has joined the cast of the next Star Trek movie. If you’re a fan of The Doctor, then you remember him as Rose Tyler’s boyfriend in the first couple seasons of the new Doctor Who incarnation. He played the rough and ready Mickey Smith, always ready to jump in the TARDIS and help out when needed.

We don’t know a lot about who Clarke will play in the new movie or really how significant his role will be. Variety claims he’ll play a family man with a wife and daughter, but that’s not much to go on.

What’s worth pointing out here though, is that since his time in a supporting role in Doctor Who Noel has gone on to become a pretty big name in the UK where he’s continued acting while also working as a writer and a director. There’s a good chance they’ve given him more to do than your average cameo role.

If you’re a Star Trek comic reader, you might find a few clues to how they’re using Noel in an upcoming issue. Word is that issues of the current Star Trek run being published by IDW may contain foreshadowing for the next feature film. The comics are overseen by Trek writer Roberto Orci and he’s working in a few subtle clues. The current issue, #4, involves a retelling of the classic original series story “The Gailileo Seven”. Hopefully this isn’t foreshadowing the idea that they’re just going to redo classic Trek stories with the movie, instead of coming up with their own.

Already in the Star Trek: The Next cast with him, aside from the returning regulars, are Alice Eve and Peter Weller. Expect more casting news soon as director JJ Abrams gets his production rolling.