Doctor Who Christmas Special Set Photos Have The Doctor On A Motorbike

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Few science fiction shows have as much holiday spirit as the BBC’s long-running serial, Doctor Who. Each and every year since 2005, the Doctor and his companions have staged a holiday spectacular to celebrate the season. And 2012 is no different.

The venerable show, which usually films in Wales, recently took to the streets of London in order to shoot scenes for their upcoming Christmas special. Who knew Time Lords had such an affinity for Earth-bound religious celebrations? Some enterprising fans snapped photos as the production filmed an action sequence involving a motorcycle.

Of course these pictures prominently feature 26-year-old actress Jenna-Louise Coleman, who plays the Doctor’s (Matt Smith) new companion. While she has popped up in series already, she isn’t slated to become a regular until this year’s installment of the holiday fun.

Most of the photos are of the good Doctor and Clara (Coleman) zipping around town on a motorbike, sporting some jaunty, old-timey goggles. Seriously, it looks like they should be flying a biplane. Not sure what they’re doing, racing alongside one of London’s iconic red double-decker busses. I guess we’ll just have to wait until December to find out.

There’s also a priceless image of the Tardis. Not too remarkable on its own, it’s the little kids off to the side of the photo who really make the scene. They’re looking at the prop like, what the hell is that thing? No one, especially the very young, expects to find a big blue time-traveling contraption just hanging out under a major metropolitan bridge.

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