Doctor Who Christmas Special: Images From The Set Show The Doctor In A New Suit

By Steve West | 10 years ago

The Doctor Who season 6 finale is just around the corner, and we’re prepared to find out what is up with the Impossible Astronaut. And while news of a longer wait until we see more Who in the fall of 2012 makes us sad, we’re only a few months away from the Christmas episode.

After the jump we have some images taken on set during the filming, so be warned that if you have no desire to see anything potentially spoilery you should stop now. When you do click on to see the images at first glance there seems to be some downright insanity going on, but have no fear…Moffett and his team have not completely lost their minds.

The Doctor is not wearing the Impossible Astronaut suit, it seems Moffett may have developed a bit of an astronaut fantasy for the Doctor. Which, with all the space travelling, does make a kind of sense.