Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary: Peter Davison Thinks A Return Of All Previous Doctors Unlikely

By Steve West | 9 years ago

In 2013 Doctor Who reaches its incredible 50th anniversary, not only making it one television’s longest running series but also bringing to mind the 25th anniversary collection of all the Doctors. Current showrunner Stephen Moffat has big plans for the event, but it’s looking doubtful that all 11 docs will be able to make it. Christopher Eccleston, Doctor number 9, has said emphatically that he has no interest in returning to the role. Meanwhile David Tennant, number 10, is giddy with excitement at the prospect of running about the TARDIS once more.

While current doc Matt Smith is all about collecting the entire list of docs one last time, Peter Davison doesn’t see it happening. The 5th doc spoke with BANG Showbiz and told them that simply from a story standpoint it’d be difficult to explain how the other Doctors now look so much older.

He goes on to state:

“Unfortunately, there are less and less Doctors around to bring back. Maybe I can be in it without never having do any work and just turn up so they can take my image. Maybe the characters can into a computer and become animations—that would be good. It could be like Doctor Who and The Simpsons or something.”

If we’re going to see an epic 50th anniversary even it had better not be an animated situation, that’ll be a let down. I’d rather Matt and David team up with maybe one of the older Doctor’s and we get to see the Time War. We’re likely talking about one of Matt Smith’s last episodes when this goes down, so whatever is going to happen could be the introduction to Doctor 12. Although the idea of Doctor Who facing the oldest question alongside the 10 that came before him does give a fan like me the happy tingles.

I came across some fascinating factoids about Peter Davison in regards to the Doctor Who universe that must be shared. First it’s widely known that Davison is soon to become David Tennant’s father-in-law. But what I didn’t know until this evening is that Peter Davison was born Peter Moffett. I’ll let that sink in for a moment…and there we are! Moffett and Moffat.

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