Doctor Who 16-Bit RPG Game Should Be A Real Thing Already

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Sixteen-bit video games have been around for a little over 20 years, and while the graphics engines powering today’s consoles are worlds more advanced than those of the Sega and SNES, the retro look of that era’s games remains one close to fans’ hearts. The term “retro,” meanwhile, is almost 40 years old, nearly making it a cultural icon all on its own. But enough about that timey-wimey stuff.

And onto this timey-wimey stuff. Philadelphia-based chiptune musician and pixel artist/animator Doctor Octoroc — the pseudonym of Levi Buffum — has been putting the 16-bit video game aesthetic to all kinds of pop culture for about two years now, and his latest creation, an RPG version of Doctor Who, is right up there with Breaking Bad for providing gleefully dorky and highly referential entertainment.

The game/video follows the 11th incarnation of the wily Doctor, generating many plot points from the fifth and sixth series as fodder for the RPG format. As a show that involves a lot of wacky narratives and decision-making, this is an ideal format, even without all the self-deprecating jabs at the show’s convoluted storytelling. As someone whose fandom for the Doctor is only passing, rather than the rabid fanaticism some hardcore Whovians showcase, I can only imagine how much that population enjoys it. Hell, I’d almost rather watch this than the show itself.

The gang’s all here: Amy, Rory, the Weeping Angels, baby River, adult River, alien Doctor, and the TARDIS, among others. Don’t the bad guys look nearly better than they do in the show? Show yourself some love by going here and downloading the separate and excellent Who-inspired soundtrack that you heard during the video, and show Doctor Octoroc a little love as well, so that he’s inspired to keep making these sensational videos. As a show of good frakking faith, I offer you his Battlestar Galactica video.