Divergent’s First Still Features Blades And Shailene Woodley’s Grimace

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

divergentWhen it was announced that Summit Entertainment was going into production on the upcoming adaptation of the bestselling young adult novel Divergent, I assumed it was just another forgettable book-to-film transformation in an endless line of them. Not having read the book myself, all I have is the premise to go on, and this one sounds as if it were written by an actual young adult, considering its focus on personality traits. In actuality, author Veronica Roth was already into her twenties when the books were published. So while I don’t have any proof of this at the moment, it appears she was at some point in her life a teenager as well.

And what do teenagers need just as much as anyone else? Knife-throwing practice, of course. That’s the subject of Divergent‘s exclusive first still, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. Star Shailene Woodley doesn’t exactly look thrilled to be standing against a wall with a lot of non-uniformly thrown knives sticking out of it.

You see, it’s a dystopian future in which society has broken itself down into five different factions based on a person’s way of living, and because five different factions don’t always get along, people have to train. It’s good to know that in a future as depressing as this, gun control seems to have lost its importance as a social issue. Woodley plays Tris Pryor, who finds out she is Divergent, which means she’ll never fit in with anyone. And she has to find out why she won’t fit in with anyone. How is this not based off someone’s diary entry?

Divergent also stars Ashley Judd, Kate Winslet, Theo James, Ray Stevenson, Maggie Q, Mekhi Phifer, Jai Courtney, and others. It will see its North American release on March 21, 2014. Leave your knives at home, though.

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