These Disney Star Wars Princesses Need Their Own Movies ASAP

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

jedi arielWhen Disney took over Lucasfilm, there were a lot of people who thought the company might turn their beloved franchise into an even bigger mockery than George Lucas himself did with that second trilogy. An issue that few people have put much thought into is Star Wars perhaps turning Disney princess into cooler characters than they’ve ever been before. As someone who only enjoys every eighth or ninth animated movie the studio puts out, I’m not a princessy sort of a guy, but these drawings show signs of both the Force and the Magic. We’re going to need a Disney Jr. series made out of these posthaste.

Artist and animator Ralph Sevelius has slowly and laboriously breathed new life into such children’s icons as Little Mermaid’s Ariel and Rapunzel by giving them the power of the Jedi. Princess Leia is no longer the most badass female in the Star Wars universe, as she can’t get into a lightsaber fight using only her hair. Those buns can only hold shields.

Sevelius has been creating awesome art for years now, and he spent all of 2013 dropping these 7 princesses and Sith Lord-esses onto his growing fan base, which now includes Giant Freakin’ Robot. These images look like they were taken from in-progress super secret projects that Disney has been hiding from the world. I mean, even a poster line would be pretty sweet. For those who haven’t yet flipped down, let’s all take a look at the rest of these images. From carbonite to slave princess bikinis, it’s all here.

carbonite aurora

padawan rapunzel

bounty hunter mulan

carbonite aurora

slave jasmine
But don’t think that everyone Sevelius draws is on team good guys. Snow White and Elsa, from the recent critical and box office hit Frozen, are part of the Sith community. I mean, girls will be girls, but trying to force choke someone is something else entirely.

sith snow white

sith elsa
With all the Star Wars: Episode VII rumors currently clogging up the webosphere, it’s good to see that there are some certainties, like “Star Wars princesses rule.” We’ll get to see more reality when Mythbusters airs their themed episode.

And just because it’s cool, here’s Sevelius’ take on the main cast of The Walking Dead.

walking dead