What If Disney Made Looper In 1994?

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

This past weekend Rian Johnson’s mind-bending time travel film Looper opened with a modest $21 million box office. Audiences across the country were dazzled by the film’s premise and the performances of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. Both actors played the same character, a future hitman named Joe, but at different stages of his life (Gordon-Levitt was the younger and Willis was the older version). In true geek Internet fashion, a lighthearted, “family friendly” parody trailer shown up courtesy of the Screen Junkies. Check out the trailer for Disney’s Looper, “made in 1994,” below:

The parody video is actually a mash-up video of Angels in the Outfield, starring a 12-year-old Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Disney’s The Kid, which is actually more like Looper than you would think. The premise of The Kid is that an eight-year-old version of Bruce Willis’ character, Russ Duritz, mysteriously appears in his life. It seems like Willis has a thing for time travel movies because Looper is his third, including The Kid and 12 Monkeys.

Screen Junkies is best known for their ongoing web series Honest Trailers, including installments that parody The Hunger Games and James Cameron’s Avatar. This is a series that surrounds an actual movie trailer but delivers it in a more matter-of-fact fashion, filling in its viewers on the highs and lows of the movie itself.

Rian Johnson’s Looper is not to be missed in theaters. This is one of the best time travel movies ever made and one of the best sci-fi films of 2012. The imagination in Looper is absolutely amazing to witness on the big screen. Please read Josh Tyler’s glowing review of Looper if you are not convinced.

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