Disney Can Freeze You In Carbonite

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

You’ve always wanted to be Han Solo, right? Well here’s your chance, in a way. Disney is about to let you live out part of your action figure dreams by giving you the opportunity to put yourself in the iconic carbonite freezing scene from Empire Strikes Back.

At the upcoming Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studio, the studio will unveil the “Carbon-Freeze Me” experience. Here’s how they describe it…

Using state-of-the-art imaging technology, this experience casts your likeness as a three-dimensional, eight-inch figurine. At the “Carbon Freezing Chamber”…several cameras will capture multiple angles of your face. The images are then reconstructed in a computer for processing, and, in approximately four weeks, the completed figurine is shipped directly to your house.

The figurines are pricey—$99.95 plus shipping for the first, $74.95 plus for each additional copy—but how cool is that, to put your own personal spin on one of the most memorable moments in movie history? You can even hang yourself on the wall, just like Jabba did to Han in Return of the Jedi. You won’t be cracking wise or pulling Luke’s ass out of the fire at the Death Star, but hell, at least you’ll still be part of the action.

The “Carbon-Freeze Me” exhibit opens up on May 18th when Star Wars Weekends 2012 officially kicks off.

There are a bunch of red tape and stipulations—like the required separate admission to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the fact that you need to be at least three years old to get frozen in carbonite—check out the disclaimers on StarWars.com.