Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens Trailer

By Brent McKnight | Published

After the fiasco that was Cowboys & Aliens we’ve all become more cautious about getting our hopes up based solely on a title. That in mind, it’s hard to be get a least somewhat giddy when you hear a name like Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens. Sure you’ve been down that road before and been burned, but with Barry Sonnenfeld (Men In Black III) teaming up with legendary comic book renegade Grant Morrison (Batman, Superman, and too many more to name), some enthusiasm might be warranted.

The two are collaborating on a motion comic from an original idea by Sonnenfeld, with Morrison handling the writing duties. Check out the new trailer for Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens below.

There’s something to be said for simplicity in naming. Right out of the gate Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens lets you know what it’s about, and in one fell swoop divides the potential audience into two camps: those who think that sounds like a fabulous idea, and those who don’t.

The motion comic is only the first step in a larger game plan. A graphic novel will follow after the motion comic premieres on Yahoo! on July 23rd, and Sonnenfeld envisions an eventual feature length film as well. The movie would be, should financing fall into place, a 3D computer animated piece.

The story of Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens is “a secret world war battle that was never recorded in our history books.” When aliens invade prehistoric Earth, the dinosaurs, who are much more intelligent than anyone ever believed, must struggle together to save the planet.