Diapers Tell You When They’re Dirty In This Conceptual Ad

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

diapComedian David Cross has a great bit about commercials for redundant products that make easy tasks easier, using “electric scissors” to stab a hole into that kind of lazy ingenuity. Now, we’ll applaud anyone who tries to make the task of changing a diaper easier, but we’re not at all certain the people over at the Brazilian ad agency employed by the Huggies corporation actually understand what it is that’s hard about changing a diaper.

Instead of building something that changes the smelly things, they have unleashed Tweet Pee to the world, or at least a concept version of what Tweet Pee would be, should it ever come into existence. And no, Huggies has no actual plans on developing such a product for commercial use, but they’re not fooling me. They’re going to push this at some point in the future, and people will go crazy for it, sadly. (And it would go against the evolutionary reaction that a baby’s cries cause.)

Basically, it’s a humidity sensor affixed to a diaper that sends a message to your phone whenever the child needs to be changed. I guess people don’t want to use those old-fashioned devices called the eyes and nose anymore. Check out the below clip and feel jealous that you can’t just use the bathroom where you’re sitting. Probably.

Though the concept device isn’t real yet, the app itself is real enough, letting parents keep track of how many times a child goes through diapers and allows them to buy new diapers from the app. Just be thankful you don’t have to change this robot baby‘s diaper.

Oddly enough, a similar concept was introduced last year, called the Smart Diaper, which seems to be proof positive that the diapers of the future will be different from the diapers of today. Check out that concept video below and see if you agree with me that a real Smart Diaper wouldn’t be hanging around a baby’s shitty asshole to begin with.

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