Diagram Of Movie Monsters Shows Off Everything From Godzilla To The Beast Of Yucca Flats

By Will LeBlanc | 9 years ago

Movie stats have always lent themselves to infographics. It feels like every time a film comes out, someone has to make a graphic chart chronicling the many murders of the film’s stars or the instructions of how to evade a Dementor or something.

Today, we dug up a chart of movie monsters and it shows off everything you can think of from the wide world of movie monsters. It has it all, from the Triffids in Night of the Triffids to the trucks from Maximum Overdrive. Chances are if it hungered for human flesh, it’s on this list. Check it out after the jump and get up close and personal over at Pop Chart Labs’ website.

To hang this beauty on your wall it will only set you back a mere $30, and if you act fast enough you’ll get a signed print from the first limited run of 500 copies. And if you don’t want to hang it up, screw it, just hang out on it for a while and see what you can find.

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