More Details On Doctor Who’s New Companion

By Jenny Xu | Published

The name of the newest companion on Doctor Who, to be portrayed by Jenna Louise Coleman, is rumored to be Clara. That name hasn’t been confirmed yet, but showrunner but Steven Moffat revealed several other tantalizing details in a recent interview on BBC Radio 5.

Jenna-Louise’s character will not be an alien. She won’t even be a human from a future Earth. Nope, Moffat is sticking to the classic 20th Century/21st Century girl-next-door model. They might as well recycle her school uniform and have the Doctor pick her up from Emmerdale.

Moffat promises that the new time traveler will be completely different and fascinating because of how she gets to where she is and what that subsequently means for the character. How cryptic. Let the speculations ensue!

Coleman’s character will not have any ties to any previous characters. Hopefully that won’t mean that previous characters won’t be making special appearances. The Doctor needs more Christmas dinners with Amy and Rory, after all, even Time Lords must get sick of living off of fish fingers and custard all the time while traveling in the TARDIS.

This is one mysterious companion. Not only has she never met any of the old companions, but the Doctor has also never met anyone quite like her. Her journey up to the point that audience will first meet her will be “shocking and intriguing.” What could possibly be more shocking and intriguing than being a shopgirl, a temp, a med student, or a kiss-o-gram?

Moffat says her presence in the TARDIS will be powerful enough to change the Doctor. In fact, she is so unusual that she’ll change the entire Doctor/Companion relationship entirely. We’ll find out how that plays out after Doctor Who returns for a final season with Rory and Amy this autumn.