New Defiance Trailer Seethes and Explodes

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

On the surface, Defiance seems like a bored kid’s wet dream of a concept. It’s Earth, but it’s not really Earth anymore. There are loads of different kinds of aliens all forced to put up with one another. But there are gonna be fights. And explosions. Maybe even explosions that fight one another. But the babes are gonna be ugly. Ha! Just kidding! The babes, even the ones with weird alien features, are all gonna be fit. Oh, and guess what else, wish-granting Sandman Tooth Fairy? It’s not just gonna be a wicked exploding show, it’s gonna be a video game as well. And they’re gonna mix. I’m thinking if a babe shows boobs on the game, she’ll show boobs on the show, but I don’t know what network this is going to be on when I wake up.

Well, it’s Syfy, kid, so keep dreaming. Another new trailer for Defiance is out, and it’s shorter, sweeter, and more action-centric than the previous one, which focused more on story and personal relationships. It drives home the fact that this is a place that people are going to fight over, as well as fighting over how to remain peaceful. They use the phrase “new world” a couple of times, but it sounds like the same world to me.

It’s strange how this series, created by Rockne S. O’Bannon, is similar to O’Bannon’s other new show, the CW’s thriller Cult, in that both previews just sort of lay out the generic story and the implications involved. So long as the scripts are given as much thought as the basic concept, then I’m on board, though I think I’ll probably leave the gaming to others.