Defiance Pictures Introduce The Show’s Photogenic Humans And Aliens

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Fans of Farscape have been waiting years for him to return to small screen science fiction (I don’t really count his consulting producer duties on V), but now he’s coming out of the gate with two of them. First up is the CW’s Cult, a trippy, metafictional thriller that premieres next week. Then, in April, Syfy’s Defiance will introduce us to a very different Earth. In the aftermath of a war involving seven different alien races, our homeworld has become a melting pot of humans and extraterrestrials, all trying to coexist and rebuild.

Defiance is set in the area that used to be St. Louis, MO, in a town where humans and aliens are living and working together. Our sister site, CinemaBlend, got a hold of a new batch of pictures that show off Defiance‘s eccentric cast of characters, and you can check them out below.

Defiance premieres April 15th on Syfy. There is also a third-person shooter MMO that is launching a few weeks earlier, on April 2nd. The game is “in-canon” with the series, and the two will interact with each other in some ways. While the show is set in the ruins of St. Louis, the game is set in what was once San Francisco.

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