New Defiance Pics Spotlight The Cast Of Aliens And Humans

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Rocke S. O’Bannon is returning to science fiction and to Syfy this April with Defiance, an ambitious project that is also launching alongside an accompanying MMO shooter game. Defiance is set in the near future, after a protracted conflict between the native humans and aliens hoping to settle on our world. After decades of fighting, a ceasefire has been declared, and both humans and various alien types are living alongside each other on an Earth that has been drastically altered by runaway alien terraforming tech. Now Syfy has released a new batch of images from the series, once again highlighting the diverse and colorful cast of characters.

The show’s premise suggests it could play out like a science fiction version of Deadwood, focusing on the ways very different individuals and cultures work together to form a society when thrown together by outside forces. I’m hoping Rockne and his writers will be able to create a show as uniquely enjoyable as Farscape. That may be like expecting lightning to strike twice in the same place, but just call me an optimist.

Defiance premieres Monday, April 15th on Syfy.

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