Defiance Behind-The-Scenes Clips Reveal The Ambition Behind Syfy’s New Series

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

SyFy’s upcoming series Defiance has been in production since April, and now we’re getting more pieces to put together before it premieres next spring. SyFy has released two short”making of” videos that highlight the sets, locations, and premise of the alien-invasion series.

The first part of the videos explain the general concept and driving force behind the show. Defiance is set in the future, after an alien race crash lands on Earth and completely changes our way of life. What makes Defiance different from other serialized TV dramas is that it’s also a massive multiplayer online video game. Both platforms will work together to build the world of Defiance into a richer and deeper experience for the TV viewer and gamer. Check out “Making of Defiance – Part 1″ below:

The second part builds off the first part by focusing on the world depicted in the series. It speaks to the strangeness of the new Earth but also considers grounding its setting by emphasizing the St. Louis Gateway Arch. This iconic structure is at the heart of Defiance the TV series, wherein as the video game side will emphasize the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, where the game is based. Interestingly, both the TV series and the MMO ground their worlds with two “gateways;” one to the Midwest and the other to the Pacific Ocean. Here’s “Making of Defiance – Part Two”:

Much like the YouTube sci-fi web series H+, Defiance is quickly shaping up to be a very simple story told in a very ambitious way. Hopefully, both series will be successful because we need more inventive ways to interact with the sci-fi audience.

Defiance premieres on the SyFy Channel in April 2013.

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