Death Star Cone Of Shame

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

There are few things in this universe quite as adorable a dog, post surgery (or perhaps one who just can’t stop chewing on his own butt), wearing an Elizabethan collar (AKA cone of shame), looking sad. The dog may be miserable, but these are an occasional necessary evil. That also doesn’t mean you can’t get some fun and enjoyment out of the whole ordeal. One dog owner did exactly this, decorating his dog’s cone to look like the Death Star.

Lots of pet owners have dressed their cuddly little guys up like various Star Wars characters. Over the years we’ve seen Princess Leias, Han Solos, Pug Vaders, and there are two Chihuahuas that come into my work every Halloween (and around the time of the Emerald City Comic Con) dressed like Jedis, cloaks and all.

But this little Boston Terrier named Musha may be the first to harness the power of a weapon that will help her rule the galaxy with an iron paw. Gone are all the awkward, pitying looks she’d get at the dog park or at doggie daycare. Now she can bask in the geeky glory of her owner’s favorite epic science fiction franchise. And any of the other pups give her any lip, she can just blast them out of existence like Alderaan. That’ll teach them a valuable lesson.

Death Star cones of shame should be a readily available thing. People would buy them. Who says something stylish and fun can’t also be functional? Not Musha, that’s for sure.

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