DC Needs A Movie/TV Multiverse, And Here’s How To Make It Happen

By David Wharton | 6 years ago

CrisisFour Words: Crisis on Infinite Earths
Want a DC counterstrike against Marvel’s upcoming Infinity War? Start working toward arguably the most epic DC crossover event of all time, the Crisis on Infinite Earths. It was ostensibly designed to de-complicate the DC comics multiverse, but it was also an excuse to see multiple versions of the DC heroes teaming up to take on a threat larger than all of them. Want to top the thrill Marvel’s given fans of seeing the Avengers share the screen together? Wait a few years and then bring all the DC Cinematic Universe characters together with the Arrow-verse Justice League, Supergirl from CBS, the Titans from TNT, and John Constantine at the helm of Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark, all of them working together with every DC reality hanging in the balance. I need a cigarette just thinking about it.

Even better? The Flash is already planting seeds with its visions of a future where Barry vanishes in the midst of an event involving “red skies” — a specific reference to the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Like Jim Gordon said in the end of Batman Begins, we need to think about escalation. Ball’s in your court, DC.

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