The Day Of The Doctor Gets A Lego Makeover

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

It’s been some eight months since Whovians the world over thrilled to the epic Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor. That’s enough time that it shouldn’t be super fresh in your mind (unless, like me, you’ve been marathoning back through the Matt Smith years before Peter Capaldi takes the stage on August 8). And it’s also enough time to grow just a bit wistful and nostalgic about it, which makes this the perfect time to revisit the Day of the Doctor…in Lego form!

There’s no way in hell I would ever have the patience to create even the shortest stop-motion video, so I’m always hugely impressed by the people who do. Especially when the end result is as charming as Bookshelf Productions’ Lego take on Day of the Doctor. The brother-and-sister team not only did a great job of the stop-motion animation itself, they were also quite shrewd in figuring out what scenes and quotes needed to remain when compressing the Who special into only five and a half minutes. And can I just take a moment to give them a standing ovation for the little detail of having the War Doctor leave little blocky Lego footprints in the “sand” as he’s walking across it? That’s the sort of attention to detail that separates the geniuses from the also-rans.

And that’s without even getting into the fact that they found the perfect Lego equivalent of David Tennant’s artfully disheveled hairdo. Not to mention the assorted eccentric wardrobe choices of the various Doctors down through the years.

If you’ve got a favorite quote from Day of the Doctor, chances are it made the cut. “It’s a machine that goes ding.” “…and you’re basically just a rabbit, aren’t you?” “Never cruel or cowardly. Never give up, never give in.” If I have one complaint, it’s that they missed an opportunity by not including the bit about the round things. I love the round things, and Lego sets are positively full of ’em.

If you like their Day of the Doctor Lego vid, be sure to go give a like to Bookshelf Productions’ Facebook page.