David Tennant To Bring A Little Who To Star Wars: The Clone Wars

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

How’s this for a sci-fi wet dream: a Doctor Who/Star Wars crossover. Sort of. Former Time Lord David Tennant, perhaps the most iconic of the modern incarnations, will lend his voice to an upcoming episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Here’s a clip from the episode, titled “A Test of Strength.”

Everything about this combination of elements screams geek party. Add it all up—you have a former Doctor, Star Wars, and Tennant playing a robot with an encyclopedic knowledge of lightsabers and Jedi history. If that isn’t the nerdiest thing you’ve ever heard, it has to be up there on the list.

“A Test of Strength” airs this Saturday, November 10th, on Cartoon Network, and continues the arc that kicked off last week. The story involves a group of adorable young Jedis that are all about to build their first lightsaber. Tennant lends his voice to an ancient droid named Hyuang, who helps the pint-sized warriors along their journey, giving them all sorts of lightsaber construction advice. You have to take a lot into consideration, like grip, blade length and color, whether or not you want a double-ended weapon, all sorts of things.

Tennant’s guest spot came about when Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni, himself a dedicated Whovian, learned that the former Doc is a huge Star Wars fan. As he says, the two shows face many similar challenges from a production standpoint, “creating galactic scale adventures and planets with strange life forms.” One thing led to another, phone calls were made, people met with other people, and you can see the end result this Saturday.

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