David Letterman’s Under The Dome Recap Is Sarcastic Genius

By Brent McKnight | Published

Since its inception, CBS’ Under the Dome has produced solid ratings and appears to be a rather popular program, but that’s somewhat surprising since you’re hard-pressed to find many people who legitimately enjoy the show. Critics aren’t particularly fond of the series, and damn near everyone you talk to gave it a shot, watched a few episodes, and ultimately abandoned it for greener pastures. Even David Letterman, who you probably know works for CBS, isn’t above mocking Dome, as you can see for yourself from this bit from his late night talk show.

Letterman’s recap of the series is brilliant. This video is comprised of the characters saying the word “dome” over and over and over again. Watching it is hypnotic, there’s a definite rhythm and flow to the editing that bounces you along. In order to drive that point home, Letterman plays the 20-second video through a second time, adding some musical accompaniment with Paul Schaffer and the Late Nite band adding a doo-wop style soundtrack.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Under the Dome, the series, based on the work of horror legend Stephen King, follows the exploits of the small Maine town of Chester’s Mill. One fall morning they wake up to find that there’s a clear, though impenetrable dome covering their entire town. No one can get out, no one can get in. As you can imagine shit gets all kinds of crazy—you would not believe how much trouble, drama, and general bad vibes lurk just below the surface of this one tiny hamlet. It’s apparently the worst place in the history of the world, but that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since it comes from King’s mind.

Under the Dome returned for season two at the end of last month, and while the ratings are still decent, especially for a summer show, they have fallen off noticeably since last year. Originally it was planned as a single-season event series, so the very fact that it came back at all was unexpected. The show also lost key writer Brian K. Vaughn before season two premiered. Most known for his work on Lost and for creating comics like Y: The Last Man and Ex-Machina, Vaughn cited family reasons for his departure. We all hope he left to pursue other avenues, and will continue to watch his career, though in the meantime we would really like him to crank out more issues of Saga, which, if you haven’t read yet, you really should because it’s one of the best comic titles currently going, especially if you’re a science fiction fan.