David Hasselhoff Reunites With A Jealous KITT In This New Commercial

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

We’re still a long way out on that Chris Pratt-starring Knight Rider reboot—if it even happens that way now that he’s in the process of becoming a huge movie star and with what are sure to be extensive Marvel commitments—but the staple of 1980s television is never too far from our hearts and minds. And in that spirit, we’ve got a reunion of sorts on our hands, as stars David Hasselhoff and KITT get back together for this commercial, and it feels so right.

Hasselhoff’s slide into wing-nut lunacy has been well documented by the paparazzi, reality TV, and even his own videos that show his occasionally questionable eating habits, but it’s been a while since we caught up the Knight Industries Two-Thousand, better known as KITT. And apparently over the years, he’s become a wee bit kooky in his own right. If this video, a commercial for Samsung’s new “Smart Home,” is to be believed, he’s gone down a jealous, jealous path, one that apparently places him squarely in stalker territory if you ask me.

I’m still not entirely sure what the whole Smart Home thing is. They don’t tell you a whole lot about it in this commercial. Though, if you have a big, strong automatic gate at your house—and who among us doesn’t have one of those—you can close it with your watch (smart watches just look like futuristic versions of calculator watches from an earlier time). I imagine it’s just a way to control everything in your home, assuming everything in your home is modern enough that it can be controlled wirelessly. Some of us feel fortunate enough that the electricity works most of the time when we flip the light switch and that our ramshackle homes haven’t collapsed on top of us in a windstorm yet.

Regardless, it’s good to the old team back together again, and we would like to dedicate this sweet, sweet jam to Michael Knight and KITT:

For those of you who don’t know, or, like one of the woman in this video, are too young to have experienced the glory that is Knight Rider first hand, it was an NBC show that ran from 1982 to 1986, with a few spinoffs and reboots after the fact. It featured David Hasselhoff’s bitching blow-dried helmet hair and badass black leather jacket running around solving mysteries with the help of his super smart Trans Am (this was the 1980s after all). It’s got a kind of sci-fi Lone Ranger, and as awesome as it was, like many TV shows from this era that hinge prominently on “futuristic” technology (like Airwolf), it does not hold particularly well.