David S. Goyer Producing End-Of-The-World Flick The Breach

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

David Goyer has certainly come up in the world since he was writing things like Kickboxer 2 and Demonic Toys. After helping kick off the modern superhero-movie renaissance with the Blade films, he’s gone on to work on huge blockbusters such as Nolan’s Batman films and the upcoming Man of Steel. Having made his bones as a screenwriter, Goyer is now using some of that Hollywood clout as a producer. One of his biggest upcoming projects is an adaptation of The Breach, a 2009 end-of-the-world thriller penned by Patrick Lee.

As reported by Variety, The Breach is about an ex-cop who gets caught up trying to prevent the Apocalypse courtesy of a mysterious artifact. Goyer is producing the project along with iconic producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, and may wind up directing the film as well. He isn’t handling the scripting duties on this one, however; they’ve hired writer Justin Rhodes to adapt the book. Rhodes’ credits don’t include anything you’ve likely heard of, so The Breach could be his chance to make a name for himself.

The Apocalypse is hardly a fresh and unexplored terrain when it comes to movies, but properties such as Y: The Last Man and The Walking Dead prove that there’s still potential to be found in the genre. While Variety’s story doesn’t provide many details on the story, we can find a bit more to chew on courtesy of the book’s Amazon description below.

And if The Breach is a box-office hit, Lee has two further books in the series, Ghost Country and Deep Sky.

Thirty years ago, in a facility buried beneath a vast Wyoming emptiness, an experiment gone awry accidentally opened a door.

It is the world’s best-kept secret—and its most terrifying.

Trying to regain his life in the Alaskan wilds, ex-con/ex-cop Travis Chase stumbles upon an impossible scene: a crashed 747 passenger jet filled with the murdered dead, including the wife of the President of the United States. Though a nightmare of monumental proportions, it pales before the terror to come, as Chase is dragged into a battle for the future that revolves around an amazing artifact.

Allied with a beautiful covert operative whose life he saved, Chase must now play the role he’s been destined for—a pawn of incomprehensible forces or humankind’s final hope—as the race toward Apocalypse begins in earnest.

Because something is loose in the world.

And doomsday is not only possible . . . it is inevitable.

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