David Fincher’s Halo 4 Launch Trailer Is Gorgeous

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Microsoft has a long history of going all-out when it comes to marketing its Halo game franchise, serving up one amazing trailer after another over the years. And since they almost always incorporate live action footage with incredibly realized props and effects, each new trailer is another jab to the heart of every fanboy who still dreams of a Halo movie. Well, better grab some more band-aids for the old ticker, because the Halo 4 launch trailer is here, and it’s produced by David Fincher, and it’s just as awesome as you’d expect.

Titled “Scanned,” the trailer serves up some hints at the mysterious new enemy Master Chief will be facing in the new game, as well as giving us some looks at just what goes into making a Spartan. (It doesn’t look comfortable.) While Fincher lent his producerial talents, visual effects artist Tim Miller (who collaborated with Fincher on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) manned the director’s chair. Check it out.

Halo 4 releases for the Xbox 360 on November 6th. Below we’ve included some of the other excellent Halo trailers from the past.

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