Darth Vader’s Meditation Chamber In Fireplace Form

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Here in the South, where the winters are fleeting, our houses do have fireplaces, but it’s kind of like herding cows for a living if you’re lactose intolerant; there isn’t a lot of sense to it beyond the general aesthetic and the smell of a good log burning. But I would definitely use my fireplace as a badge of geek honor, should the following concept ever become a real product.


Dave from Dave’s Geeky Ideas created concept art for one of the most perfect practical uses of movie memorabilia I’ve ever seen: Darth Vader’s meditation chamber as a fireplace. It makes so much more sense than a flashlight lightsaber, and I don’t want to hear any different. You could probably cook on this thing as well, and wouldn’t the kids just love some Darth Taters or a Han Sirloin, or maybe Lando Calrotisseriechicken?

But if you’re interested in it for the sole purpose of heating up a room, it could open and close at the owner’s preference, allowing for an adjustable temperature, even though it seems like having a gigantic piece of heated metal in the middle of the room would make anything around it sweltering, but maybe he’ll later conceive some sort of insulation.

The only thing left to do now is lovingly harass this guy on his website and through email until he gets in touch with a contractor of some kind and gets this thing built, probably via crowdfunding. So, I’ve given you guys the plan. Let’s get this thing made. I can’t imagine the look of horror on my mother’s face if I told her I got a Qabbrat in my living room.

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