Darth Vader Takes A Selfie For Star Wars’ New Instagram Account

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

The Star Wars of the George Lucas era wasn’t always in tune with how to properly reflect pop culture back at its audience, nor with what people think is funny. There isn’t so simple an explanation for Jar Jar Binks, but we’re putting him completely behind us as the Disney/J.J. Abrams partnership takes hold. And what better way to catch the eyes of fans old and new than with one of the most popular socia media sites on the Internet: Instagram. The newly created official account currently only has five pictures on it so far, but they properly represent almost anything the Star Wars culture would expect from an exclusively photographic trip around a galaxy far, far away: Darth Vader selfies, sexy girls, toys, and behind-the-scenes photos. Those four things make up the Internet for some of us, er, them…you. Whatever.

Just looking at the Sith lord in the image above, you can just tell that under that mask his duck lips are going out of control. I bet he can even make someone else do ducklips without them realizing what’s going on. The most evil being in existence should definitely be the only cause for such a ridiculous-looking female impulse pose.

And now we move on to the ladies in bikinis, specifically a group of them cosplaying as Princess Leia back at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2010. These are vintage boobs, people. How would you feel if your mom was one of these women? Would that ruin the mood, or maybe enhance it? Let’s not forget that brother and sister Luke and Leia locked lips. I’m just saying.

They also threw a truly classy action figure up on the page with Kenner’s 1984 edition of the Rancor Monster. Now, they show you the box, but not the figure itself. I wonder if that means…ohmygodohmygod, it’s right behind you!

Finally, though there is another one of an Imperial ship model on their page, here’s a BTS shot of one of the greatest battles in movie history, just with black sticks instead of lightsabers. You gotta start somewhere I guess. While I’m trying to be optimistic about the upcoming trilogy, I can’t imagine any of the battles in those movies coming close to being as memorable, though I’m sure they’ll all contain a lot more camera movement and choreography.

This is another good move towards relevancy with cheeky humor, as they did with their amusingly mysterious orange crates that showed up at D23 earlier this year. You can be sure they’ll be culling from a wealth of material for this Instagram account, and they’d be wise to leave Jake Lloyd out of it altogether.