Darth L. Jackson Apologizes For Breaking Your Concentration

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

George Lucas has gotten a lot of shit over the past decade or so for his seemingly endless tinkering with the Star Wars movies. Many fans would argue that the movies were as close to perfect as they could get, and that the addition of things like a badly CGI’d conversation between Han Solo and Jabba the Hutt, or the fact that Cloud City now seems to consist entirely of exterior floor-to-ceiling windows, are unnecessary at best, downright awful at worst. (We won’t even go into the Greedo-shooting-first thing.) But I’d like to suggest that fans aren’t inherently opposed to making changes to the Star Wars films; they’re just opposed to the ones George Lucas seems determined to make. Who’s to say there isn’t some small alteration that could really take the trilogy to the next level in a totally unexpected way? What’s that? You want an example? Well, George has already proven that he likes the idea of Samuel L. Jackson being a part of the Star Wars universe… This, by the way, is really, super NSFW, so don those headphones, work procrastinators!

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