Dark Tower Movie Still Moving Forward With Ron Howard

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

Stephen King’s The Dark Tower is a bit of genre mash up, including distinct sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and western elements. The series has also branched out into comic books, an online game, and, if Ron Howard has his way, eventually a film or television adaptation, or possibly both. Over the course of its development there have been repeated starts and stops and false hope, but apparently none of this has dampened Ron Howard’s enthusiasm.

Here’s his latest update on The Dark Tower

Rumors have been flown fast and furious over the past year. The Dark Tower had most recently been planned as a trilogy of films with an accompanying TV series to tide fans over between installments. Universal was on board to produce the whole thing. They’ve since walked away, but Warner Bros. has stepped in to fill the void. Javier Bardem has long been attached to play protagonist Roland Deschain, the last surviving gunslinger, but his involvement remains up in the air. The Spanish-born actor’s schedule is increasingly full.

Basically everything was up in the air, and we wondered if anything would ever actuall happen. Howard’s update doesn’t give any specifics—if they’re still in the story development phase, The Dark Tower, in whatever form it takes, isn’t going to appear any time soon—but if nothing else, it serves to reassure fans that there is still hope. If Ron Howard still believes, and is still hard at work, then we can all still wait for The Dark Tower with reasonable expectations that it will happen. Maybe not soon—2013 seems too close to be a reality—but someday.