The Dark Tower Movie Isn’t Dead

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Though yesterday Warner Bros passed on adapting Stephen King’s widely popular novel series into a film trilogy and perhaps two seasons of TV, Media Rights Capital is now very interested in rolling the dice and taking the risk with The Dark Tower.

Deadline says the CEO of Media Rights Capital, Modi Wiczyk, is a big fan of King’s series and is strongly considering taking on the project. Media Rights Capital recently financed Seth McFarland’s sleeper hit Ted this summer giving the production company some money to throw around. The independent studio also has Neill Blompkamp’s new social allegory sci-fi epic Elysium on deck so it would seem like they would have the capital to finance an ambitious project like The Dark Tower.

Director Ron Howard is still attached to direct The Dark Tower trilogy, while screenwriter Akiva Goldsman adapted the original source material for the big screen. Brian Grazer and Stephen King are also attached to produce the new film and TV series. Howard was looking at casting Russell Crowe in the lead role of the gunslinger Roland Deschain.

Media Rights Capital has a distribution deal with Universal, who passed on the project before handing it off to Warner Bros. But it is unclear if Universal would distribute The Dark Tower series if Media Rights Capital picked it up.

Whoever ends up making The Dark Tower series has an ambitious project on their hands. The series would consist of three full-length motion pictures plus two seasons of TV that would air between the movie’s release dates. The possibility of this giant project coming to fruition is exciting. Stay tuned to GiantFreakinRobot as The Dark Tower project develops.

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